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February 25 2016


The Latest Material Trending in Eyewear

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For many their choice of eyewear is definitely a personal thing. Should you be looking for prescription glasses, you don't wish to get something that you hate or that does not compliment the shape of your face. Sunglasses wearers can be equally as picky when it comes to their choice of eyewear, yet on other occasions, they are not picky at all since they main reason for wearing sunglasses is to shield the eyes from your harsh rays of the sun.

Like the majority of fashion trends, trends in eyewear frames change frequently to suit the needs and desires from the consumers. Trends in eyewear frames have varied from retro style frames, to large circular frames, colorful frames, and many others. One of the current trends in eyewear frames has become the use of wood to generate sunglasses and prescription glasses frames.


Many wearers of sunglasses or prescription glasses are looking at wooden frames, because they are an eco-friendly alternative to the existing plastic or metal frames who have always been extremely popular with eyewear designers and manufacturers. Unlike plastic frames, wooden frames are more suited to decompose after a while. Thus, this type of eyewear does not leave a carbon footprint on the world.

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Multiple Solutions

One of the benefits to using wood in eyewear frames is that a number of different woods may be used to create the glasses. Many of the most popular wood selections for eyewear include walnut, mahogany, zebrawood, oak, and bamboo. Each kind of wood offers its very own unique colors and check. Many believe that colors of the wood used also changes with all the daily exposure to the sun.

Another factor related to the use of natural materials like wood, is that even though the glasses may be made exactly the same, because of differences in the colours and grain with the wood, each couple of glasses is unique as well as. With the natural color variants the woods present, as well as the changes that sunlight and time have on the eyewear frames, their look will only improve with age.

If you're looking for a unique couple of sunglasses or frames on your prescription glasses then choosing the different styles of glasses and wood materials available, you will be sure to not only take care of your eye care needs but additionally get a spectacular one among kind pair of glasses. Have a look at wood eye frames today and pay attention to why it is the biggest trend going.

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